Virtual Design & Construction Managers with Expert Construction Knowledge


Virtual Design & Construction Managers with expert construction knowledge

For clients wishing they could see an environment before it’s construction, PreConVision Limited offer that service. Creating 2D, 3D, 4D and even 5D high quality virtual visualisations of upcoming construction projects, this London-based firm add value to their clients and aid their bid-winning processes. See why this creative studio is one of the best virtual engineering and construction design firms in England.

PreConVision are a Multi-Award Winning Creative Studio Space based in Central London, with an in-house capability to deliver high quality architecture, engineering and construction logistics, planning and phasing visualisations to aid in project and development planning. The studio has made a very positive contribution to clients and their bid-winning process. With a highly experienced team, the the firm has helped clients win 31 number bids that totalled approximately £5.3 Billion over the past 8 years within London, and across the United Kingdom.

PreConVision are proudly Part of RICS Technology Affiliate Program (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

The aim of the company is to produce compelling 3D visuals, imagery, and animations that clearly visualise the construction methodology and sequence, from inception to completion. PreConVision offer numerous packages to clients and bespoke services such as the Construction Package. Equipped with six individual phases regarding the life-cycle of a typical phased construction project, this package will help eliminate uncertain hazardous risks and increase cost-effectiveness through smarter thinking and forward planning, all before commencement on-site.

Communication is key between the client and all parties involved in any project, and PreConVision understand the importance of liaising with architects and structural engineers to understand a design fully. Also establishing a close relationship with the client, the firm employ over fourteen years’ worth of experience to ensure that they are available at all times of the day or night to address client needs, giving them peace of mind.

This virtual construction company deliver visualisation services efficiently, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best possible quality of service for their clients. The firm pride themselves on working with the biggest property developers, house-builders and designers in London and across the globe.


This is what we do.

2D CAD Drawings

We can produce professional tender drawings for your council planning approvals and your project logistics strategy, + Health & Safety Traffic Management site set-up.

3D & 4D Animations

We can produce innovative and work winning voice over, moving motion animations, which illustrates 2D info-graphics, 3D fly-through animated scenes with intelligent 4D construction sequence

CGI Concept Design

We can produce a feasibility study that supports the property developer concept design without the need to go to any architect or an expensive CGI company.

iOS Application Design

We can sketch out your vision and by creating vision Storyboards. This is part of the creative process of bringing your ideas to life with our highly experiencing 3D and graphic design team.

3D Printing

We can communicate your complicated logistical challenges effectively through way of interactive self-build 3D printing physical models. This service will deliver a compelling and powerful communication tool.

Architectural Visualisations

We can take your architectural technical drawings, create a scaled 3D model, and deliver high quality photo-realistic imagery for your marketing needs and planning design proposals.

Our recent success stories


5 Star Reviews

PreConVision directed and delivered our high quality 3D London City fly-through animation and info-graphics, which was part of the website launch for our new Real Estate Market Intelligence Platform. Their technology partner relationships, digital & Real Estate knowhow combined with excellent communication was of vital importance for our short project deadline turnaround. PreConVision effectively guided us through the possibilities of what can be achieved and ensuring we get the best value for time and money. We would highly recommend PreConVision as an experienced visualisation partner that can elevate a businesses marketing brand and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Brandon Bell, Founder & CEO (Skyscape Technologies Ltd)

Worked with PreConVision on a project recently and the quality of the video and slides were exactly what we was after. Easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile for the project. Would definitely work with them again in the near future.

Laurence Graham, Senior Planner (Hill Group UK)

I worked with PreConVision on many visualisation projects over the years - perhaps 15 really high-profile, Central London projects and numerous smaller ones. PreConVision are very pleasant to work with with clear goals and plan how to achieve them while willing to listen and tweak processes in order to make his project a success, on time and on budget. PreConVision have certainly developed our relations beyond strict business and he also managed to squeeze good discounts from me over lunch on few occasions 🙂 I really hope to keep on working with PreConVision in the future.

Michal Konieck, Director (AccuCities)

I have collaborated with PreConVision on many large scale construction projects over the past few years, & I have always found them a pleasure to work with. The deadlines have always been tight, but knowing this they have made a conscious effort to make things run as smooth as possible. PreConVision are approachable, engaging and are willing to do what it takes to get help get the project completed. If there is ever an issue, PreConVision are always there to talk, and they have often taken time out of his busy schedule to meet & discuss. This attitude has led to us forging a great professional relationship, and it's an enjoyable experience to work with them. I always look forward to that next big project coming in.

Ryan Whitaker, Lead Designer & 3D Print Technician (Hobs Studio)

I enjoy working with Chris Breiner. He is enthusiastic, innovative and listens. As a result the visualisation work that he produces, communicates my ideas about how to build far better than words alone. Looking forward to the next project.

Mike Beckett, Construction Consultant (Chrismund Consulting)


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