Modular Sales & Marketing Suite (POD Design)

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Residential Package 4: Modular Sales & Marketing Suite (POD Design)

Residential Package 4 service offers Architect's / Property Developers / Contractors / and or Designer's their own bespoke, sophisticated lightweight modular sales marketing suite. This is designed to deliver a cost effective and fast installation solution of a marketing suite / showroom at the initial project site set-up stages of a residential property development.

The modular pod can be modified in shape, size an re-branded to in order to meet the projects space requirements. A typical modular marketing pod design will consist of supplying two desks, one sofa and coffee table, area for Architect’s physical design project proposal models, wall displays of the proposed design, small kitchen and bathroom.

Modular Sales & Marketing Suit (POD Design) Benefits;

  • Sophisticated Lightweight Construction Pod
  • Flexible in design by using segments, the modular pod can create almost any shape to fit the size, space and purpose required
  • High Quality composite external surfaces
  • Significant faster to erect
  • Solar panels with battery storage charging facilities option
  • High gloss exterior finish
  • Bespoke in size, shape and colour
  • Full glass front with sliding doors and lockable
  • Power and lighting
  • Build time 2-5 (depending on-size) once arrived to site
  • can create virtually any internal or external colour combination, material or specific branding requirement
  • Competitive Pricing with full delivery and installation service
  • Unique design with certificate of design registration
  • 5 Year Structural Parts Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the UK

.... for more information, or private presentation booking please contact Christopher Breiner, Visualisation Director by E-mail, or by Telephone +44 (0) 770 3730457