Planners Package

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. STEVE JOBS

The planners package delivers a 4D BIM model that simulates the construction sequence in intelligent modelling, which is synchronised directly with the planner’s programme. 4D modelling is also named as project management software tool when taking into account all construction activities and packages involved within the construction programme, which is then visually communicated and is in sync to a construction programme timeline. The 4D BIM model can also create comparison programme 4D animation outputs when comparing the contract and actual site programme. The 4D model is also focused on the following interests:

  • Sequence of demolition deconstruction activities
  • Construction activities
  • Temporary engineering works design
  • Logistics strategy
  • Delivery vehicle routes
  • Site welfare accommodation
  • Interface with neighbour lidar model buildings, terrain and roads

The tangible benefits of 4D BIM modelling giving enhanced productivity are:

Risk mitigation due to improved team coordination and communication

  • Conflict detection
  • improved delivery time and cost savings
  • improved quality

  • The key benefit of 4D BIM Modelling is its contribution to project scheduling, facilitating a smoother process of it. An intangible benefit is the use of 4D digital models for visualisation and communication of project parameters, such as the project schedule, visually to construction clients and other stakeholders, including to the less technically minded.

    By adding schedule dates to model components, a project team can improve the overall schedule and communicate this to all team members as needed at any point during a project. Over time, a schedule can be linked to a digital model to evaluate construction options.

    Visualisation of a completed construction project can be useful at any stage but particularly prior to construction to mitigate risk, whether from a health and safety perspective or from a time or cost perspective.

    Following the success of BIM in the design arena, contractors are now turning to BIM applications for their own uses, this includes the use of 4D BIM. Many have started using 4D BIM modelling to improve project planning throughout a project life-cycle. It is anticipated that owner-operators will follow suit.